About Teddy

" Teddy came into my life on the 25th April 2008 and ever since then my life has been brilliant, having my best friend to love and smile at everyday makes me feel so lucky. He truly is a one of a kind dog, always happy and putting a smile on anyone's face. He loves to play, do tricks and run around on the beach. Always there whenever I'm happy or sad. My best friend." ~ Teddy's Mummy.

Name: Teddy
Nicknames: Ted, Tedster, Wig-Wig, Sned, Sned-Bear...the list is endless!
Age: 3 years old
Breed: Maltesse X Toy Poodle/Maltipoo
Country: United Kingdom
Favorite Food: Lily's kitchen, Chicken, Any type of real meat
Favorite Treat: Cheese, Hotdogs and Chicken
Favorite Walk: At the woods or Beach.
Favorite trick to perform: Beg- I do it at everyone! hehe


Favorite Toy: I have so many it's hard to just pick one!
Like being dressed up in clothes: You bet i have quite a colllection ;)