Monday, 19 December 2011

Pawty Time!

It was my fur-cousin's Barkday on the 16th, she turned 9 years old! OMD that is pretty old now ;) hehe
Mummy was absent the previous night, It is the only time of the year where i get babysat by Nanny & Grandaddy, then in the morning my Nanny dresses me in my Barkday Outfit and we head off to their house. I go crazy when i see my Mummy, as some of you may know Im a HUGE Mummy's boy *Blushes*
I then have a little play with Missy's new presents, she got lots of pink pig toys this year! It isn't too long before we go fur "The Barkday Walk" Usually we go in the car fur a very exciting, fun filled walk. We run & play fur ages!
This year we woke up to SNOW! OMD I love the white stuff and wish we could have a White Christmas! Sadly it all melted pretty much after our walk :(
Then of course comes The Pawty, with nibbles and everything! :D
This year Missy had a nummy Sponge Cake, Cuppycakes, Peanut Butter sticks, & Chocolates......All doggy furiendly of course ;)
Every year i come home ready fur bed, all that pawtying make me a sleepy boy hehe Ooooh and i got a goodie bag filled with nummies!
I hope you all have a Magical Christmas & New Year, We are going away to the Beach this year, Im looking furward to those morning beach walks and of course all those goodies and TURKEY!!!!
Teddy xxx

Friday, 25 November 2011

Enjoying Autumn!

I have really been enjoying my walks this month, the crisp November mornings are beautiful and all those Autumn colors sure make Mummy get the camera out......not that she doesn't carry it around all the time ;) BOL
I sure hope all my American furiends had a lovely Thanksgiving Day!?! I really wish we celebrated it in the UK, I missed out on sooooo much Turkey :( Im looking furward to Christmas Din-dins fur sure! :D
Teddy xx

Friday, 11 November 2011

A walk on the wild side with Teddy!

What with Winter soon approching i find taking a nice Autumn walk with Mummy to woods is my favorite place of the moment!
Mummy takes me in the car and i know as soon as we stop that Im going somewhere pawsome!
I love to smell all the interesting smells, and climb all over tree's and logs, like my very own climbing frame ;) hehe
I also like to sit & relax in the leaves, listening to all the wildlife & going on's!
If it is chilly, I even have my very own scarf ;) hehe
When we return home, I will have a long & content snooze on my favorite toy! :)

Monday, 31 October 2011

Sunday, 30 October 2011

New Furiends, Busy Times & Vote fur me!

Woweey i have been busy the last 2 weeks! I came back online to find lots of new pals here, oh boy oh boy im looking furward to getting to know you furs!

A big Thankyou to my cute weenie furiend Amber fur sending her pals my way ;) hehe

Lots of spooky going on's here, I have been dressing up *Does the happy dance* My costume shall be revealed tomorrow, im going fur more of a cute costume this year......Are any of you guys dressing up?

If any of you or your humans have Facebook i would really appreciate it if you LIKED my photo fur the Funny Fur photo contest.......

Have a Spooky night!
Teddy xxx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cute Tricks

Check out my new video on youtube, just a few cute tricks :) hehe

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Weekend Fun!!

I had such a fun day today! My fur-cousin's Missy & Tyler came around and like always we had a blast! Missy is one of my obsessions! I constantly try to play and get her attention, we really are the best of furiends!

I love running up and down the stairs showing off all my new toys, I will bring them down from my toy box to show Missy and then i stalk her whilst i have one in my mouth, Mummy says it's so funny to see, Missy is usually too slow to catch me but sometimes she is crafty and pretends she doesn't want to play, then she steals the toy!

We sent most of the day playing, playing and more playing! hehe What more could i ask fur?

The Three Musketeers!
From left to right: Tyler, Missy and Me.

Friday, 7 October 2011

My new Food

Recently i changed food as i was becoming ill on my old one, I suffered from being a picky-eater and started getting stomach ulcers from not eating :(
Mummy did alot of research and she found a brand that sounded pawfect: Lily's Kitchen
It tastes amazing! I'am no longer leaving my meals at all and i gobble it up with seconds!
There are a few options i mix dry biscuits with wet meat, my favorite is fur sure the Chicken Hotpot (yes they all have resturant stlye names) hehe

Even the treats are yummy, especially the Power Flowers and Apple & Cheese bones!

The even greater thing is their all organic ingredients and Henrietta the founder and maker of Lily's Kitchen first began cooking fur her dog Lily because she was suffering from itchy skin & ears which is the exact the same as what Im going through at the moment.

If you're interested in buying Lily's Kitchen, I would definitely recomend it, their website is linked above.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Welcome to my Blog!


Welcome to my blog, straight from a dogs mouth.
Here i shall share my adventures whether it's from day to day fun, learning new tricks, sharing photo's, making new furiends, reviewing products or the odd modelling shoot.