Friday, 7 October 2011

My new Food

Recently i changed food as i was becoming ill on my old one, I suffered from being a picky-eater and started getting stomach ulcers from not eating :(
Mummy did alot of research and she found a brand that sounded pawfect: Lily's Kitchen
It tastes amazing! I'am no longer leaving my meals at all and i gobble it up with seconds!
There are a few options i mix dry biscuits with wet meat, my favorite is fur sure the Chicken Hotpot (yes they all have resturant stlye names) hehe

Even the treats are yummy, especially the Power Flowers and Apple & Cheese bones!

The even greater thing is their all organic ingredients and Henrietta the founder and maker of Lily's Kitchen first began cooking fur her dog Lily because she was suffering from itchy skin & ears which is the exact the same as what Im going through at the moment.

If you're interested in buying Lily's Kitchen, I would definitely recomend it, their website is linked above.


  1. No picky eaters in this house but the food sounds delish! The treats sound even better. We have to check that one out, especially when one of our pack gets her seasonal allergies kicking in.


  2. I think it's only sold here in the UK :(
    But yep it sure is delish!!