Monday, 19 December 2011

Pawty Time!

It was my fur-cousin's Barkday on the 16th, she turned 9 years old! OMD that is pretty old now ;) hehe
Mummy was absent the previous night, It is the only time of the year where i get babysat by Nanny & Grandaddy, then in the morning my Nanny dresses me in my Barkday Outfit and we head off to their house. I go crazy when i see my Mummy, as some of you may know Im a HUGE Mummy's boy *Blushes*
I then have a little play with Missy's new presents, she got lots of pink pig toys this year! It isn't too long before we go fur "The Barkday Walk" Usually we go in the car fur a very exciting, fun filled walk. We run & play fur ages!
This year we woke up to SNOW! OMD I love the white stuff and wish we could have a White Christmas! Sadly it all melted pretty much after our walk :(
Then of course comes The Pawty, with nibbles and everything! :D
This year Missy had a nummy Sponge Cake, Cuppycakes, Peanut Butter sticks, & Chocolates......All doggy furiendly of course ;)
Every year i come home ready fur bed, all that pawtying make me a sleepy boy hehe Ooooh and i got a goodie bag filled with nummies!
I hope you all have a Magical Christmas & New Year, We are going away to the Beach this year, Im looking furward to those morning beach walks and of course all those goodies and TURKEY!!!!
Teddy xxx


  1. wow!

    i'd be worn out from all that partying too.

    even a goody bag! oh dog!

  2. Hi Teddy!! OMD...what a pawty! Me is a wishin' Missy a very hap-pee birfday! All dos nummies sure look.....nummy!

    Haves a wonder-fur Christmas and a Hap-Pee New Year!

  3. Oh TEDDY... THAT was a super day. Please add my HAPPY BIRFDAY WISHES TO YOURS!!

    Have a Wonderful HAPPY and MERRY Christmas and New Year. Enjoy the BEACH.. you lucky Dawg.

  4. Thats a lot of parties

    Stop on by for a visit

  5. Hope you had a nice Christmas. Happy New Year.

  6. Wow this sounds like a very exciting time of year for you! You get to do all kinds of fun stuff! I'm sorry your snow melted by the end of your walk, but I'm excited you got to see snow! I live in Florida, so my pup hasn't ever seen any at all *gasp!*. Maybe you'll get some even better snow to go romp around in soon! The winter isn't over yet! Looking forward to hearing about your continued adventures!


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  7. I have left you an award. Visit my post today so you can pick it up. Thank you for having a PAWsome Blog!

    Amber DaWeenie