Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Goodbye Autumn

Winter is fast approaching!
I have been enjoying my walks in the park lately, All the fallen leaves are so much fun to run around and skid in. Mummy throws my ball and I will go charging into a pile, throwing leaves up everywhere hehe.

This is my kind of weather!

Do you guys prefer Auutmn/Winter, over Spring/Summer?

Teddy xxx


  1. Harroooo little mate!!! We love the fall and winter BOL!! Hope you & yours have a nice weekend,


  2. We're more into spring and fall, the milder seasons.

  3. Wow - those photos in the leaves look beautiful!

  4. Those are amazing shots, my friend! Enjoy the beauty that fall brings!

  5. Well, where I live in Florida we don't have a fall or a winter. I think we have 3 seasons here....HOT, HOTTER, and HURRICANE! It has been rather nice the last few days though...not quite as hot. And our leaves don't change to pretty colors either. They just die, fall off the tree, and grow back in a couple of weeks. How boring is that!!


  6. Hey Teddy, I think I like all the seasons, I know I am looking forward to going hiking in the snow this year. I wish it would hurry. But Fall is sure fun and you make it look even funner. Then again Spring, well that is just plain beautiful and Summer is the perfect time to spend all your days in the river.

    Gosh, what was the question?


  7. You know what, teddy? That s such an easy question for us to answer - we all LOVE the winter - now if we could just get some snow!

    Thanks for stopping by to wish Phantom a Happy Birthday - very nice of you.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. We really LOVE Autumn! The temps are much cooler and the colors are so pretty! Your leaves are very pretty! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug (thanks for stopping by!!)

  9. I loves them all but my mama loves Spring the best!

  10. Am LOVING your blog, font, bachground, and most of all ur cutey pututie lil guy. Wish I knew how to follow via wordpress? o.O

    1. Me too! You're blog is pawsome! x