Saturday, 5 May 2012

Keeping Warm!

Brrrrr! All this rain old Blighty is getting sure isn't fun! Although i have been enjoying snuggling up to Mummy in my new sweater from Mutts & Hounds!

Mummy bought me it fur my Birthday back in January, It sure is cozy and pawfect fur those chilly April/May Showers hehe!

Mutts & Hounds  make Luxury Handmade Dog accessories and are pretty pawsome, They make some lovely patriotic British themed goodies too! I have to get my paws on a squeaky bone and bandana ;) hehe


  1. GruffHello there to you Teddy! Thanks for stopping by, I came a paw plodding over here to see you, can't believe it's my first time here - wow, I love your home here, think its very friendly and personal and simply love all the terrific Teddy pictures here! I can so see why you are a model, and my hair is nearly as long as yours, so we have something in common! Love your Birthday suit here! Gotta get me one of these so I have - I'm thinking in red, though I do look most handsome in blue I feel...(I digress) - anyhow, gonna have a paw plod and a sniff about your particulars here, so glad to have met you - see you soon, Barnie x

    1. Hey Barnie!
      Dude thanks so much fur the comment, Im glad you like my blog, Me & Mummy think yours is pawsome! ;)
      Now about the birthday suit, i reckon Blue is your color, they do actually do a Blue version called "Blue Bell" .....Sounds good! hehe
      Glad to have you as a pal!
      Teddy xxx

  2. Well Ted you do look Dapper. I betr you are loving the cuddle time too. Always love it when you post.

    See you next time


  3. Just LUV LUV LUV your new sweater. You wouldn't need it here where I live thought. It's HOT outside!

  4. What a beautiful new sweater

    Stop on by for a visit