Thursday, 10 May 2012

Packing my Suitcase

Wales here I come!!!!

We are going on holiday fur a week to Wales early tomorrow morning, Im super duper excited and making sure my suitcase is packed with all my most important things, Mr.Chicken, My Raccoon, Mr.Snakey, Froggy, Loofa, Ball Launcher, Clicker and treats!

I think i got everything :)

Bark with you in a week!
Teddy xxx


  1. ahhh teddy thats so sweet you packed your own case xxx have a great holiday xxx

  2. Holidays are the best!!!! Have a super wonderful time, Teddy!

  3. Is there any spare room in that case for a little hairy one? I am house trained, and I can sing songs even the angels can hear - so I am told! Here's to praying this "drought/water shortage" we've been having ends soon and you get some well deserved good weather! Bon Voyage my friend, looking forward to seeing you back soon! xx

  4. Hi Teddy, I hope you enjoy your holiday and when you get back come over to my site to collect the Liebster Blog Award and read the rules about sharing it on.