Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations!


Happy Diamond Jubilee to our Queen, All over the country people have been celebrating, having street pawties, waving flags, putting bunting up. It sure has been a fun couple of days.
I feel very proud to be British :)

Mummy also bought me some goodies so I could celebrate in style!
1- Pet london Sequin Flag Hoody - £24.99 +
2- Mutts & Hounds Union Jack Linen Neckercheif - £15.00 +
3- Pet London UK Guard Dog Toy - £8.99
4- Mutts& Hounds Union Jack Linen Squeaky Bone Toy - £16.00 +

I have been rocking the Union Jack all week BOL!
Teddy xxx


  1. We've been watching parts of the celebration on television here in the USA. Sure looks exciting. Wish the weather was a little bit better.

  2. WOW! That Flag hoodie is stylin' Bet you are the best dressed Pup:)

  3. We love your picture Teddy - as we usually do! - ooh you are sooo stylish my friend - wish I had your wardrobe, your Mummy has good taste! Plus, I am delighted to nominate you for the Sunshine award! (joy of joy ey! and it's not even Christmas - don't say I never give you anything - ha ha!) Take care chap, oh I so love what you have done with your home here, always puts me in mind of decorating, my place so badly needs it! xxx

  4. Teddy you had a pawsome Jubilee. Your new toys are brilliant.

  5. You have been rockin' the Union Jack! Very cool! Mum has British in her blood and we watched lots of the festivities on BBCAmerica, so cool. Wish the weather woulda been better for some of it, but that's London right, BOL!

  6. Teddy - hope you had a nice Jubilee! I love how you're dressed in the first photo!

  7. you looks great in ur patriotic outfit, teddy

    long live the Queen