Friday, 3 August 2012

IPapz Bags- Everybody needs one!

OMD these pawsonalized bags from Ipapz are just pawtastic! The lovely ladies at Ipapz hand makes these beautiful canvas bags in the style of celebs.

Your pooch could be the face on your very own bag starting at £24.99.

If you're interested in an Ipapz bag (they also sell other lovely accessories) then head over
Or just give them a quick email @

They are super friendly and design the bag with your own wants & needs.

Mummy & I have had soooo many compliments on ours, we just love it!! :)

On another note, Im sorry fur being absent for a couple of weeks, Mummy has been rather ill fur quite a long time, but finally things are looking up.

Teddy xxx



  1. What a pawtastic bag! It looks just like you!

    So sorry to hear about your Mommy. Hope she's all completely back to normal real soon!

  2. Hope your mummy gets better soon.
    That bag is really pawsome, it looks just like you.

  3. Though I really love the bag, don't think I'd carry one around with a picture of Mummy2Legs on it - though that wouldn't stop her carrying one around with my likeness on it - well, guess it's because I am so much better looking than she is ey! - Take care Teddy, my little fashionista!!! - Barnie x

  4. Teddy, my little fashionista friend here! We have enjoyed coming to see you and will do once again, but sadly we are leaving my little (yet brilliant) blue blogging home, we are simply too busy with a lot of other commitments (boring to say I sooo know) - I am about on You Tube, we aim to put the odd walk we do to pictures (featuring me, to make them more interesting of course!) to let other people like Mummy2Legs know if there are any hills/bogs about, of uttermost importance she feels - anyhow, it takes less time and commitment on our part.. You be taking great care my little fashionista friend, hopefully catch you soon xxx